Ever since a rather lucky photograph of the spectacular grey racehorse Desert Orchid got me the cover of The Daily Telegraph, I had a dream of becoming a professional photographer.

WORKING FOR HORSE & HOUND (so I’m nearly Hugh Grant)!

Soon after, I  became a  retained photographer with the prestigious Horse & Hound magazine, travelling  the country photographing top equestrian and social events such as The Derby, The  Grand National, Badminton Horse Trials and The Royal Windsor Horse Show etc. Horses  aside, all  of this was invaluable experience in the tricky art of getting people to relax in  front  of the  camera – something that makes most of us freeze with fear.  As a professional  photographer, one of my most  valuable tools is to know how to get the client to forget I’m  there, and capture naturally, their  emotion, feeling or personality in that very moment and translate it into a stunning fine art portrait and something you will be proud of and cherish  always.  With diverse influences I  mix together illustrative, natural light documentary, still life, landscape, fashion and lifestyle photography to create stylish and unique images.


Now living on stunning Dartmoor, my subject matter is diverse and varied to say the least.  I  am still a regular contributor for such great magazines as Horse & Hound, Country Life and The  Field.  I photograph beautiful rural events such as country weddings, shooting parties, balls,  hunting, holidaying families, playful pets and many other things that require my creativity,  skill, patience, presentation, eye for detail and a little bit of charm.  My style is very much a blend of contemporary portraiture and fine art photography but always relaxed and fun to  experience. Also, as a commercial photographer in Devon and Cornwall I regularly shoot properties, products, actors headshots and news features – very varied and never dull!

I’m lucky enough to be married to a most amazing and talented woman and have two wonderful daughters, a naughty Springer bitch, two over adventurous girl cats and four wriggly female (but very friendly) rats – I am well and truly outnumbered!

We live on the wild, open moorlands of Dartmoor. This unique moor has become my ‘studio’ – it is the perfect setting for my natural photo sessions and no two sessions are alike.

If you are going to spend time with me on a shoot you might as well know a bit more about me. So here are a few more facts:


  • When I was a boy I wanted to be a steeplechase jockey. Sadly however, I’m 6ft 4 inches tall!
  • I was an Ologist at University but now I’m an Ographer.
  • I am half Scottish and half Norwegian – I think that makes me a Viking!
  • My beautiful wife creates fabulous websites.
  • I collect automatic watches – no quartz in my house thank you.
  • I love everything Apple Mac.
  • When I have a moment of free time I like to play golf or fish for the pot with a beer or two in-between.


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